Our Most Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much Does UPVC Spray Paint Cost?

Prices vary by as much as 20% dependent upon the process undertaken and materials used. The cheapest will use plastic paint rather than bonding & have less than a 3-stage process, most companies do a 5 process and 10 stages are the most thorough. Salespeople visiting you may unnecessarily inflate the price. Asking for a firm price over the phone is highly recommended.

What Colours Can You Choose From?

Whether you choose bonding or paint, the choice of colours is unlimited with most firms. It is prudent to ensure the colour match to the silicone is the identical RAL colour.

What Finishes Can I Have?

The type of finish of the paints can range, you can have any percentage of sheen you want. Most firms only offer a 20 percent sheen. Some can offer Matt and Gloss.

How Long Does The Paint Last?

Great care must be taken with your choice of firm. A booming business attracts too many unscrupulous types of opportunists. There are some who will apply a cheap uPVC paint available from DIY stores through a spray gun which may only last 3-5 years whereas the more established firms will undertake the full bonding process designed to endure for 50 years+. Both will tend to offer 10-year guarantees.

How Can Any Firm Offer A Ten-Year Guarantee On A Product That Is Designed Nor To Crack Or Peel For 3-5 Years?

The old adage is “A guarantee may only be as good as the paper it’s written on” Whether the firm is around to honour the guarantee is what matters. You may gain greater peace of mind by choosing an established firm that can honour warranties to you for the full ten-year period.

What Happens To The Guarantee If We Move Home Within The Guarantee Period?

Before you commit yourself-take care to ensure that the warranty you receive will be transferable to the new owner of your home.

Can You Spray The Inside Of The House?

Yes, spraying the inside of your property can also transform the look of the your home. It can give it a brighter, cleaner feel. The only difference is that sometimes it can often take longer to prepare and mask up to help ensure there is no over-spray on any part of the house. The overall spraying effect gives a far more professional finished effect than brushing or rolling.

Can You Change The Colour Of UPVC?

YES- in a number of different ways. A full valet is essential but you can change the appearance by colouring with varying finishes, durability & cost. You can brush with paint available from many DIY stores, spray with the same paint or spray apply with molecular bonded permanent colour transformation solution.

What Do You Do About The Silicone?

Your existing silicone should always be removed and replaced with new silicone to complement the new colour of your frames.

How Do You Stop The Over-spray?

The over spray should never happen. All surrounding areas should be fully masked up and sealed. A skilled and magnified inspection prior to any spraying is advised.

How Long Does It Take To Spray A House?

It depends upon the size number of windows, doors, conservatories and garage doors you have. The number of workers within the team will vary but 1-4 days is typical. Your chosen firm should provide you with a solid indication upon pricing your work.

Can You Spray Paint In The Rain?

The answer is ‘No’. However, some firms now have tenting and other resources that allows them to work around the rain.

Do You Need To Remove The Windows And Doors?

Some firms will remove your windows and doors. Some use the latest and most advanced technologies so they don’t have to be removed. This leaves a better finish and saves time (ultimately saving the customer money).What About The Lines Left Where You Spray Windows And Doors When They Are Shut?
Some firms will spray the windows and doors whilst they are closed. This inevitably leaves lines around the windows and doors when they are shut. The more established and experienced firms will open the windows and doors, fully mask and protect the surrounding areas and spray the lines so they look like new.

Is There Any Mess After Having UPVC Painted?

The answer should be ‘NO’. This all depends on the firm you use and the people carrying out the job. The most established firms will leave no mess at all. uPVC spray painting is incomparable to the mess and disruption of replacement windows and doors.

Why Should I Respray My UPVC Instead Of Replacing?

The cost of replacing uPVC windows, doors and conservatories is substantial. Using an established firm to undertake spraying can cost up to 80% less than replacing. uPVC spray painting is incomparable to the mess and disruption of replacement windows and doors. Some firms offer the choice of any colour, all the RAL colours, Farrow and Ball and many more which replacement companies don’t offer. If you have perfectly good working uPVC there is little point in going to the greater expense of replacing. Spray Painting uPVC is favoured as the more eco friendly alternative to replacements.

What Are The Potential Benefits Of Me Spraying My UPVC?

More attractive, modern appearance, House easier to sell, relatively inexpensive home improvement, Added Value, Minimal Disruption, Protects the uPVC, Personalised Colour, 10 Year Guarantee.

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